Wow, you’ve grown so much – well done! I’m in …

Comment on Thoughts on Solo Travel and Confidence by dannielle | While I’m Young and Skinny.

Wow, you’ve grown so much – well done! I’m in my early twenties and would really like to take a solo trip but just don’t have the guts. I seem to have gotten shyer as I’ve got older, which is really bloody annoying. I love travelling, but I’ve always gone with a more outgoing friend and been happy to let them do all the talking. Regretting that now!

I flew out to Borneo solo to meet some gal pals and things didn’t go to plan so I ended up doing a night on my own in the jungle – nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep end! I absolutely hated that night and thought I was going to die of anxiety, but I would like to travel solo on my own terms, perhaps to a location that doesn’t seem quite so exotic and unknown. Also, your bf sounds kind of nasty haha. Happy travels, this was inspiring!

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