Great article Jackie, and so true! My wife and …

Comment on Why Part Time Travel is the Perfect Compromise by Kevin Wagar.

Great article Jackie, and so true! My wife and I are both working parents who love to bring our two young kids along with us on our travels. Dropping everything and becoming travelling parent’s would be amazing, but we have a number of connections that keep us attached to home for extended periods of time.

Travel is amazing, and kudos to those who can do it full-time, but that’s not most of the world and it’s good for people to hear from those who are just like them!

Keep travelling!

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Thoughts on Solo Travel and Confidence
Nice tips Jackie!

One of my favourite parts about travelling is getting to know the locals and their customs and it’s hard to do that when you are shy or lack confidence.

The great thing about travelling is that it forces you out of your comfort zone and you must adapt to the ever changing world around you.

Thanks for the share and keep on travelling!

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