I love this! I, too, am 31 and cynical. (Love …

Comment on Why Part Time Travel is the Perfect Compromise by Natalie.

I love this! I, too, am 31 and cynical. (Love that, btw.) While I live to travel with my family, I don’t think I could ever be completely location independent. I adore living near my parents and my sister, and I’d hate to miss seeing them often. Plus, if my husband and I left our current lives, we’d be taking our toddler away from both sets of grandparents, and that doesn’t sit well with me. While I work from home (something I adore), my husband has a full-time banking job that can’t ever be moved around. Since my husband is in banking, he is very passionate about finances (as you could imagine), and leaving the comforts of home to travel means that we’d have to give up planning for retirement and our daughter’s college.

At 21, going full-on nomad would’ve been fun for a few years, but it’s just not feasible a decade later. And, honestly, it’s just not something I want at the point in my life. Thanks so much for writing this! 😀

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