I love skyscanner. The ‘everywhere’ option is great. I am …

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I love skyscanner. The ‘everywhere’ option is great. I am liking google flights as well at the moment, its a bit easier to use, but doesn’t have that everywhere function though! I find Edinburgh has a bit more variety of destinations imo (as a wee fyi, you probably already know!)

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My Travel Plans for 2016
I have heard alot of good things about Prague and Iceland, have fun! I have heard a comedian talk about going to Santorini (im sure it was there) and saying it was amazing. It was on hit podcast The Pete and Sebastian show.

I got free tickets to Australia (Due to a delayed flight), so planning to try and hop skotch over to New Zealand as well. Need to get it booked up soon though! Might also take advantage of the flight to Cornwall mentioned aswell!

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