Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise

When I first started researching Barbados online the same luxury cruising company kept popping up everywhere – Silver Moon Barbados. It’s a crime to go somewhere as beautiful as Barbados and not make the most of that crystal clear sea, and a catamaran cruise was the only thing I was desperate to do. Never one to ignore repeated excellent recommendations, I booked a lunch cruise on their power catamaran, Moondance, the newest addition to their fleet (and best!).

Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets OffImage credit:  Silver Moon Barbados


If only every Wednesday morning could start out like this.

Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets Off

We were picked up promptly from our hotel in St Lawrence at 9am along with a minibus full of other excited Scottish tourists and began our journey to the port, while our driver gave us an entertaining tour of the island along the way. After half an hour we arrived and began boarding the boat… not that it took long, as there were only 10 of us (Silver Moon allow a maximum of 12 people per boat for this cruise, so it’s an intimate affair).

Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets Off

As soon as we stepped on board, the friendly crew served us drinks (I opted for the ubiquitous rum punch, of course.. morning drinking is absolutely acceptable while on holiday) and fresh fruit canapés. The boat was beautiful, so pristine and new, and because there were so few of us it felt more like being on a private chartered boat with your friends than a commercial trip. In fact, nothing about Silver Moon Barbados felt commercial. We set sail armed with delicious savoury pastries and more alcohol, heading for our first stop… snorkelling in Carlisle Bay!

Prior to Barbados, the last time I had actually been in the sea was probably about five years ago. I can’t even remember it to be honest, and I never go swimming. Needless to say, I have never snorkelled or done any kind of water based activities, so I was pretty nervous! Did I mention that although I love the sea, I’m afraid of swimming in deep water?! Snorkelling was definitely way out of my comfort zone, but as I have learned, getting out of my comfort zone usually results in amazing experiences. This was truly the case here. After getting kitted out in a lifejacket and headgear, it was time to get in the sea. I was last to go in, and the terror was written all over my face, according to my sister, so much so that the captain recognised I was a little nervous (understatement) and very patiently talked me through it until I was in the water and breathing normally. Well, as normally as one can through a plastic tube and goggles. The lifejacket meant I could just happily float around without much thought and instead concentrate on my breathing. The water was about 25 feet deep and after a few minutes the sea turtles appeared! It was amazing seeing them up close.

Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets Off

After our turtle spotting, we got back on board, had our drinks topped up and headed to another spot for some more snorkelling, this time over a couple of shipwrecks. Definite Little Mermaid vibes going on. I took plenty of photos with a disposable underwater camera but unfortunately they didn’t turn out very well, so until I can afford to fork out for an underwater GoPro you’ll just have to use your imagination. Fish, fish everywhere.

Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets Off

A rival boat – look at all those people crammed on like sardines. You’d never get that on Silver Moon…


Back on board, we dried off in the sun and chatted with our fellow passengers while drinking yet more punch. I don’t think I saw the bottom of my glass once. While sailing past Rihanna’s $22 million house, One Sandy Lane, my sister asked the captain if he had ever seen her. Seen her? Rihanna had used this very boat! As it turns out, so had Alicia Keys, Princess Beatrice, and Sting – among countless others. If Silver Moon Barbados was good enough for them, it was certainly good enough for us…

Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets Off

We docked at Sandy Lane beach for lunch, a Bajan feast of chicken, grilled tuna, mac ‘n’ cheese, rice, salad and pasta and plenty of wine. This was no ‘stack ’em high and sell ’em cheap’  microwave meal often served on other boat cruises, this was truly fresh and delicious and of course I went back for seconds. Snorkelling works up quite the appetite, you see. There was more opportunity to get back in the water at this point, but I didn’t think it was wise after all that food and alcohol. Safety first… and I had sunbathing to do.

Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets Off

After we were all suitably fed and watered, it was time to sail back to shore. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed and content in my life, this was the highlight for me. Rum punch does that to you I guess. We were given banana bread for dessert, then they busted out the blender and made us all piña coladas. I mean, I don’t necessarily believe in heaven but if I did, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

The worst part? Getting off that boat.

For a truly exceptional, luxurious catamaran experience, book a cruise by Silver Moon Barbados.

The Details

A 12 passenger lunch cruise costs USD $115 per person (kids 3-11 are $85) and usually lasts from 9.30am – 2.30pm. This includes unlimited alcohol, snacks and a Bajan style buffet lunch. Snorkelling equipment and instruction is also included, but you can also take your own gear if you want.

They also do an evening cruise, 3pm-7pm and private charters are available.

Advance booking is recommended, as the boats fill up fast. Book online here.

**This is not a sponsored post, I just absolutely loved it.

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Silver Moon Barbados Luxury Catamaran Cruise | Review by Jackie Jets Off | Snorkelling, sea turtles, unlimited cocktails... grab a splash of heaven with Silver Moon cruises

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  1. Oh man – I’m SO doing this when we go there later this year 🙂 That grilled tuna looks GOOOOOD!! Have pinned this for later reference 🙂

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  2. Wow, these pictures are stunning. Barbados is on my list, but doesn’t have priority. However, looking at the pics I would love to do a catamaran tour there…Now 🙂

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  3. Looks like a great day! My neighbours go down to Barbados every year so I hear a lot about this rum punch… I think I need to go to try it for myself 😉

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  4. Beautiful!!! This is something my kids would love… Thanks for sharing:) Happy travels.. xoxo

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  5. Barbados looks absolutely beautiful! If I make it there I definitely need to take a catamaran lunch cruise! It seems like you get a lot for the price.

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  6. Wow, so beautiful and yay for over coming your fears and jumping in to snorkel explore! The price seems totally reasonable for such a luxurious experience! Will have to keep this in mind if we ever make it to Barbados!

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  7. That was an excellent review! Thank you very much for this! Now I have another to add to my list.


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